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Welcome to my new website

Welcome to my brand new website, and learn a little about YuriGuernsey

Welcome to the NEW YuriGuernsey site.

Since this is the first blog post on YuriGuernsey. I thought it would be nice for me to explain the new site, what to expect on the YuriGuernsey blog, and a little information about me.

So, why did I create the new YuriGuernsey website, and what is it for?

Well, YuriGuernsey is a personal website I created to showcase my work, to potentially gain more clients or connections. The site was also created to let people know what I do, and am currently doing in my career and life.

Now, as for the YuriGuernsey blog, you can expect a variety of blog posts, being from my personal life, projects I’ve worked on or am currently working on, random little tutorials, and things that I have learned from my career or side hustles.

Now, if you didn’t gather, my name is Yuri.

However, my full name is Yuri Nunes Alves, I was born on the 22 January 1999, the very last of the 90’s. I was born in Guernsey, and am dual nationality. I am British by birth and Portuguese by family, due to all my family being born on a beautiful island called Madeira. With all the boring information out of the way, I can give you a more in-depth view of myself.

My field of expertise is Website development. However, I know how to make chatbots, mobile applications, Alexa skills, and Google Assistant skills. I also like to create things outside of my development field, like making small songs, writing, social marketing, video editing, and creating products.

When I am not working, I like to work on my side projects like BitBulb, as I love creating new products that can provide help or entertainment to users.